Young dreamers need to activate their star

The Jacqueline R. Satchell Foundation gives them the tools to do just that!
Jacqueline R. Satchell believed in

Education and Empowerment.

To honor and continue her legacy, we want to support and inspire the next generation of young dreamers in underserved communities and guide them on a path to becoming young leaders.

We believe every youngster, regardless of their station in life, should have an opportunity to pursue their purpose. Through Empowerment Camps and an innovative Workforce & Entrepreneurship Platform, we aim to help these youth uncover their path and set them on a course for full activation.

Your support will go a long way in helping us realize our mission.

Every donation helps us reach more young dreamers. Every volunteer helps lighten the load. Every mention helps us gain more visibility.

Our young dreamers are brimming with potential. We only need to be willing to help them unlock it.

We’re ready to tackle the rocky road ahead. Your help will light the way!

We take youngsters

From Dreamers to Leaders

Every success story starts with a dream. We help youngsters determine where to direct their focus. When youngsters tap into what fuels them, greatness ensues! We focus on 4 key areas:

Opens Doors!

In every local community there is a reservoir of amazing and talented leaders who can inspire the next generation. We need them to:
Mentors are essential to the work we do at the JRS Foundation. We need passionate and caring entrepreneurs and corporate professionals who can open doors and devote some of their time.

The JRS Foundation helps youngsters in underserved communities.

Be a part of a movement that turns young dreamers into leaders!